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3 days in Vegas

100_1856I knew coming to Vegas having just been at the Grand Canyon would be difficult. I was very right about that. It’s not that Las Vegas isn’t an unbelieveable sight in itself, it is just it is incredibly hard to go from such natural beauty and history to a completely and utterly man-made world.

I have had a great few days in Vegas. I’ve hung out with Corinne and Paige who I met at the hostel in Flagstaff and that has made a massive difference. Vegas is a world of attractions and it’s really nice to be able to just gawk at them and chat to other people about them. I think it would have driven me stir crazy had I been here alone.

100_1911Everything here is extreme. It’s big, it’s brash, it’s expensive. There’s no denying that Vegas is geared up for spending money. It’s hard to find things to do that don’t require money. We spent our entire time just wandering around all the hotels and casinos, all differently themed, all the height of luxury but I couldn’t help but think that this isn’t a place for travelers. This is a place for groups or couples or friends that want to spend some serious cash on holiday. This is probably why people don’t stay here long, they can’t afford to. I’m sure if you can afford to come here and go for dinner and see a show and stay in a very nice hotel it is a completely different experience to staying in a hostel and wandering around.

It’s not that I haven’t liked Vegas. I’m absolutely glad I stopped by here because it is definitely a sight to behold and something that really is a complete one-off. It’s also such an iconic American attraction. But I’m not sure I’d ever come back. Never say never and all that but Vegas just isn’t really my scene. I’m not a gambler and honestly if I wanted to taste great food and have a wicked night out, I can think of other places I’d choose. But I understand why people do come here – and of course each to their own!

There was one real highlight of being here, yesterday evening we went to see the Bellagio fountain display when lit up at night and it happened to be accompanied by Billie Jean – that was pretty amazing.

Tomorrow sees me fly to San Francisco, California. I am incredibly excited to get there. I’ve been excited about getting to California for a very long time, and I can’t believe the day is finally almost here. I’m so pleased I get to spend practically a month in the state and I can’t wait to explore.

Viva Las Vegas

Well after my last Greyhound trip (yes!!) I arrived in Las Vegas at around 7am this morning to brilliant sunshine, the desert and what can only be described as the most bizarre and yet spectacular array of hotels, casinos and amusements I’ve ever seen in my life.

100_1815After checking into my hostel I headed down to the main strip to meet up with a couple of friends who happened to be in town this morning (amazing what seeing people you know from back home can do for your state of mind as a traveler). Just taking the bus down the strip I was amazed by the size of everything. After seeing so many canyons and mountains recently my brain did not know how to process the lights, music and attractions. It was all a bit too much at first.

We spent the early afternoon wandering around a very small section of the strip, catching a first glance of some of the famous resorts like the Mirage, Caesars Palace and Paris as well as checking out the shops and even stopping for a cheeky margarita along the way. I did get to see the Bellagio fountain display for the first time and was mightily impressed.

I’m in Vegas for 2 more days and hopefully after a nights sleep I’ll have more energy to make the most of them. I get the feeling everything will be over the top, vibrant and just the complete definition of greed. But it seems to definitely be worth a look, if just out of fascination. I’m not sure if Vegas is a place I’m going to ‘like’ as such, but I’m pretty sure it’s a place I’m going to remember.