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It’s all about the journey

Now that I’ve gotten round to telling everyone I’m planning a trip to the states, I should probably share my planned route. When I started planning my trip I knew one thing for certain, I wanted to go across the South. The destinations included on my route are a mixture of places I’ve always wanted to go, places where I know people and suggested places. I’m pretty excited about it. I have to say though this is a really rough route – I expect and I even hope it will change – I’m hoping you’ll share any suggestions with me! Not remotely claiming to think I’ve got this right…! I’ve got a basic idea of the dates I’ll be in each place but that’s not set in stone at all yet..

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New York – I’m starting in New York City because it’s a city I’ve always dreamed about visiting. From Central Park to Times Square and everything in between I can’t lie, I want to see it all. To me, New York represents a city where dreams come true so it kind of makes sense for me to start out there! I’m really excited to be hanging out with a good friend of mine, Sam, there and can’t wait to see the Big Apple!

Orlando, Florida – I’ve been to Orlando before when I was 17, to visit my uncle Darren and aunt Dawn. It was a family holiday and we did the whole Disney thing and I did like the place a lot. This time it’s an essential part of my journey because I really want to spend some time with Darren and Dawn, and hopefully see a bit more of what Orlando has to offer – looking forward to some quality time there!

Savannah, Georgia – To be honest this has been a last minute addition to the planned route. I was thinking that travelling straight from Orlando to Nashville would be a big trip and a stop in Georgia would be nice, when an awesome friend Trevor suggested Savannah to me. From what I can tell the place looks beautiful, a great place for me to travel through.

Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee – I’m so excited about Tennessee in general, Nashville and Memphis felt like the natural places for me to visit – I believe they are music-central! I already can’t wait to experience the different kinds of music they have there and meet lots of incredible people. This is where I think the heart of the live music will be.

New Orleans, Louisiana – When I told people about my trip, I think pretty much everyone said: “you have to go to New Orleans”. You can’t really argue with that! It seems to be a pretty exciting city, and I feel it will definitely be a highlight of the entire trip.

Houston and Austin, Texas – A trip across the South without visiting Texas I just don’t think I could do! Especially Austin, where I am planning to be just in time for SXSW, which everyone tells me is the best music festival in the world. Can’t wait to compare it to Glastonbury – thinking it might be a little less muddy..

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Albuquerque is somewhere I actually don’t know that much about yet, but it seemed liked a good place to plan a stop between Austin and Flagstaff. I’m thinking I’ll be most surprised by this city, simply because I don’t know what to expect.

Flagstaff, Arizona – Why Flagstaff? Well this is the Grand Canyon stop. Do I really need to explain why I want to go to the Grand Canyon?! EPIC views. Every glimpse I’ve had of it on TV is not going to prepare me for the vast beauty of it. Expect LOTS of photos from me from there. Just to make it there will be a massive dream come true.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Vegas is on my list mostly because it made no sense to pass it by! I’m doubting I’ll actually have the money to really experience it (which is a good thing – I’m no gambler!), but the chance to see it is too tempting. Reckon I’ll only be there briefly though.

San Francisco, California – San Francisco I’m mostly excited about because I’ll get to hang out with my gals there! A friend I met at dance classes, Emily, moved back there not long ago and I’m so excited to hang out with her and our other friends from dance who are flying out to visit! Plus we get to spend Anna’s birthday there! Will be one to remember I reckon! It will be so incredible to see a group of friends there having done so much travelling by then.

Los Angeles, California – My final destination, mostly because my flight home returns from there, is the home of Hollywood. I feel like after all the cities I’ll have visited LA is going to be a change of pace, but I’m excited about it. I’m still to meet someone who hasn’t liked LA, so I’m looking forward to seeing it myself.

So there we go, that’s the general idea…this could change but I’ll update it. I’ll probably do a post on each places as well before I go, looking at my research and the recommendations I’ve had as to where to go in each place. Seriously any and ALL recommendations welcome!! I know people will think I’m missing some key places. I can’t go everywhere(!) but I do want to hear suggestions if you have them!