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So I saw the coolest film the weekend just gone, and I felt compelled to write a little something about it. Normally I wouldn’t write down my opinions on every new film I see, but this one I felt compelled to, purely on the basis of its originality.

Drive, a film about a part-time film stunt car driver, part-time get away car driver is so cool it’s hard to actually describe what makes it that way. So many elements come into play at once it makes you realise where other films were lacking. Music, lighting, cinematography, acting, directing, all so perfect (in my opinion) that it just made for a really cool experience.

I guess the one thing I can’t get over about it is the patience it displays. Nothing in this film was rushed. Lines are delivered in their own good time – sometimes it aches how slowly they are delivered – but not in a bad way. I just love how in a world of instant reactions, live blogs, live everything really, this film takes its time.

I’d love to see a few more films do that without being too slow.

Anyway for me it was the perfect balance.