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Becoming a Gig Junkie

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to be a music journalist. Listening to music and talking and writing about how it makes me feel is absolutely the thing I love doing most in life. So I’m over the moon and excited to say that I’ve joined the Gig Junkies team!

Gig Junkies is a music site which combines reviews of live gigs across the country with stunning photography, capturing music moments which happen once in a lifetime. I’ve joined their review team and will be reporting from gigs around Manchester in my spare time.

My first review is already live on the Gig Junkies website! I went to see The Dandy Warhols supported by Sulk at the Manchester Academy 2. I’ve been going to live gigs regularly for a long time now, but t’s a really different night when you go to a gig with the specific reason of reviewing it. You kind of take in your entire surroundings a lot more. Rather than being solely focussed on the band and how they make you feel, you consider that but you think about how the band or artist fills the venue, how they seem to be making other people feel, how their songs sound live and the entire atmosphere that evening. And then you come home and try and put all of that into words that help other people to imagine being there.

That’s the really great thing about Gig Junkies, that I and the other extremely talented writers can provide the words but the images┬ácaptured by the photographers complete the readers experience. They really are quite amazing, and I think give the whole picture. I am really excited about this opportunity and grateful to be joining this exciting and fun team of music lovers. I can’t wait to be reviewing loads more live bands around Manchester and I hope you all like what I write…