Blue Manchester

I started this blog so I had a place to write about things I am passionate about, things like music, visiting new places and projects I’m working on. This post is no exception and an event has occured in the past couple of days which I cannot not write about.

All my life I have been a Manchester City fan. This was not something I chose for myself, it was something I was born into. As many of you will know this is often the case with football teams; you inherit the family tradition and it is actually quite difficult to break that tradition even if you wanted to. Throughout my life supporting Manchester City has definitely had its moments. I recall many a family event where someone was listening to a radio in one ear and reporting the score of a crucial match. I also recall a number of events which plunged into depression at the news that the team had just been relegated, but any football fan knows you stick with your team for the duration, it is a marathon not a sprint.

The past couple of years have seen a massive change for Manchester City fans. The club received a huge investment and started spending big money on players. We entered a different league in a sense and since have become one of the ‘big clubs’ with big spending power. Of course in the world of football this is controversial. Man City are not the first team to have become big spenders and I have no doubt we will not be the last, we are simply the latest. This change has of course meant we are different football team and on Sunday, after a frankily incredible season, we became Champions of the Premier League for the first time in 44 years. Of course it happened in dramatic style, with two goals in injury time and City winning the title on goal difference.

For any football fan their team winning the Premiership is monumental. For a fan of a team which has always been in the shadow of local rivals Manchester United, winning the title was a moment of euphoria. Sport and football are funny things and they make people behave in sometimes funny and strange ways. When your team is losing it can sometimes feel like the end of the world, but I’ll tell you what, when your team wins after years and years of struggle (struggle dating back before you were even born) it feels like the world isn’t big enough to hold your joy and pride. To all my fellow blues out there – congratulations, and to all the football fans – good luck next season.

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